Trophy Information

What are the sculptures made of?
Most of the sculptures available are cast in cold cast bronze, details of which are below. The product description of each individual item will state whether cold or hot cast bronze, or a more affordable bronze effect (painted resin).
What are the bases made of?
The bases are wooden (either MDF with shiny mahogany veneer, or small bases are complete mahogany) They are quite heavy even though they are not solid wood. Each trophy is supplied with a matching silver plate which fits onto the front of the base. Simply peel the back and stick. FREE engraving is offered with all trophy purchases!
How is the sculpture attached to the base?
If you order a trophy, the sculpture will be permanently fixed to the base unless otherwise stated in the product description.  It is attached using epoxy glue and cannot be removed once set.
What is cold cast bronze?
Cold cast bronze is a casting method of yesteryear which is also known as bronze resin. The technique consists of mixing bronze powder with an epoxy resin then the mixture is applied to the inside of a silicone mould in several layers wherein a wire frame can be constructed. The mould is then filled with the blend of bronze powder and resin and left to set. Although not solid bronze, these sculptures truly have the appearance and feel of a solid bronze sculpture, at a much more affordable price.

What is foundry bronze (hot cast bronze)?
Also known as the lost wax method. A hollow wax image of the sculpture is created and coated in a thick ceramic coating which has to dry thoroughly. The wax is then burnt away just leaving the ceramic shell, where molten bronze is poured. When the mould is cool the ceramic is smashed away to reveal the bronze casting, which is then cleaned and patinated by heating the bronze with a blow torch and applying a variety of chemicals. Once it is cool it is then waxed and polished. This process is much more costly and time consuming thus this is reflected in the price of the product. 

Care of your bronze sculpture
If you are keeping your bronze sculpture indoors, keep it clean by regularly dusting with a soft cloth. You can also apply a wax treatment once a year.

If your bronze is going to live outdoors, the care will depend on what sort of look you want to achieve. To maintain the lustrous brown finish, you will need to clean it regularly with water and a soft brush, and ensure you dry it thoroughly. Once dry you can apply a coating of wax all over. If you are looking for a weathered, ageing look, just keep the bronze free from dirt with water and a soft brush. The bronze will gradually take on a greener more weathered appearance.
The descriptions of all our items always state whether the sculpture is hot or cold cast bronze.